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Mara Serena Airstrip Transfers By Minivan – Mara Serena Airstrip 4*4 Safari Van Transfers-Transfers From Mara Serena Airstrip And Destinations To Mara Serena Hotels

Mara Serena Airstrip Transfers provides you with the best options for Airstrip Minivan And 4*4 Landcruiser Services. Where we arrange Mara Serena Airstrip Minivan and Land Cruisers Transfers to surrounding areas. We offer cheap cost, reliable, trusted, flight tracked, minivan or coach Airstrip transportation service. Which is operating 24 hours/7 days a week. Mara Serena Airstrip Minivans operates between Mara Serena (MRE) Airstrips and Transfers to all Mara Serena destinations. Including Mara Serena Hotels, Tours, Excursions, game drives, and Safari Around Mara Serena.

Other activities around Mara Serena and Mara triangle include;

  • Morning, Afternoon, and All Day Safaris
  • Limited Night Safaris
  • Walking Safaris on the Escarpment
  • Community visits
  • Hot Air Ballooning Safari
  • Poolside barbeque
  • Hippo pool breakfast
  • Maasai village visit
  • Ololoolo escarpment hike expedition

Mara Serena Airstrip transfers services

Airstrip services between Mara Serena Airstrip and Mara Serena pick up points including Maasai Mara (MRE-Mara Serena), Maasai Mara (ANA-Mara Serena), Maasai Mara (KTJ-Kichwa Tembo), Maasai Mara (OLX-Olkiombo), Maasai Mara (MDR-Musiara Airstrip), Maasai Mara (HKR-Mara North) and Maasai Mara (OLG-Olare Airstrip).

We also conduct Transfers, drop-offs, and pick-ups between Mara Serena tourists destinations and others such as Julia’s River Camp, Mara Intrepids Tented Camp, Mara Serena, Mara Big Five Lodge, Mara Serena Safari Lodge, Sanctuary Olonana, andBeyond Kichwa Tembo Tented Camp,  andBeyond Bateleur Camp, Kilima Camp Masai Mara, Mara West Camp, Elephant Pepper Camp by Elewana, Mara River Camp, Nyota Mara Lodge, Nyota Mara Lodge, Alex Walker’s Serian ‘The Original’, Mara Plains Camp, Julia’s River Camp, Ngare Serian, Mpata Safari Club, Neptune Mara Rianta Luxury Camp, Mara Bush Camp – Private Wing, Little Governors Camp, Entim Camp, Mara Engai Wilderness Lodge and many more.

We maintain a fleet of well-serviced fully insured vehicles for hire by those clients wishing to explore Kenya on their own. Business people or professionals on short assignments, which require constant movement, can also hire our vehicles. It’s Advisable when arriving in Mara Serena  Airstrip, which is situated around 18km from the city center. To Use a use a dedicated Airstrip transfer service. This is for your safety, courtesy, and better advice on whereabouts in Mara Serena and your destination point.

Mara Serena Transfers To Mara Serena Hotels By  Minivan Transfers

We work hard to offer you the best private transfers from Mara Serena (MRE) Airstrip and Other surrounding Hotels and Mara Serena destinations. We work only with drivers and companies specialized in transfers to and from Mara Serena Airstrip to any destination within and out of Mara Triangle. Your transfer from Mara Serena Airstrip will always be carried out in new cars with highly qualified drivers.

All our drivers have excellent experience and great knowledge of all possible routes from Mara Serena Airstrip to Mara Serena Destinations

Our wide range of vehicles in all Mara Serena Airstrips consists of minivans and Land Cruisers that adapt to the needs of any client.

We can guarantee that your transfer will take place in the best conditions and with the highest security. See you soon at Mara Serena Airstrip.

Mara Serena Airstrip

Why You Should Book Private Transfers At Mara Serena Airstrip With Us

If you are traveling alone or with a group, it is advisable to pre-book your Airstrip transfer from the Mara Serena Airstrip to your preferred hotel in the Mara Triangle with Jambo Shuttles. We encourage our customers to avoid being victims of notorious solicitors at the Airstrip.

You might get overcharged if you do not have an arrangement for a transfer, alternatively, some hotels will provide this service, at a premium cost. To avoid this hassle use our booking form to pre-book your Mara Serena Airstrip transfer to and from the Airstrip. The booking form is efficient, reliable, and customer-friendly.

Mara Serena Airstrip 4*4 Safari Van Landcruiser Transfers To Mara Serena Hotels And Destinations Around Mara Triangle

Mara Serena Airstrip Minivan transfers will provide you with professional and highly trained chauffeur drivers. Whether you are traveling alone, with your family, or with a large group, we will take care of your Mara Serena Airstrip Transfer needs. Order our minivans for immediate dispatch, or place a reservation.

At Jambo Shuttles, we offer the most comfortable, affordable, and timely Mara Serena Airstrip Transfer to any destination of your choice in Kenya.

Our daily Mara Serena Airstrip transfer services are offered at pocket-friendly charges without compromising on quality.

Jambo Shuttles operate Mara Serena  Airstrip transfer services for 24 hours and 7 days a week which ensures that clients are picked and dropped at their convenience.

Mara Serena Airstrip Transfers to Mara Serena Hotels; Minivan And 4*4 Safari Land Cruiser Transfers to Mara Serena Airstrip

Masai Mara Serena Safari Lodge is one of the pioneer establishments in the Masai Mara and they have not lost their touch. this is the ultimate lodge for the traditional African safari experience. Located very centrally in the famous ‘Mara Triangle’ in the Masai Mara National Reserve.

Serena Masai Mara is set high on a bush-cloaked hill with long views over the savannah and down to the winding coils of the hippo-filled Mara River.

The strategic setting of the Mara Serena Safari Lodge in a hilly area provides guests with an exclusive and breathtaking view of the Wildebeest Migration, one of the most exciting natural events in the world. The 5-star lodge is made up of twin rows of individual rooms that borrow inspiration from a traditional Masai layout.

Each of the rooms in Serena Masai Mara Lodge has an awe-inspiring view of the Mara River. A private balcony and a spacious seating area ensure that one enjoys the best of unspoiled African beauty blended with international sophistication. The lodge has an airstrip where clients on our Masai Mara Serena flying package land.

Mara Serena is the main lodge inside the Mara Triangle. Mara Serena is in a great location with probably the best view in the whole of the Mara. It is a large lodge with over 70 rooms.

Extra activities at Serena Masai Mara include night game drives, hot air ballooning, hippo breakfasts, and bush dinners.

During the legendary migration of the wildebeest, Masai Mara Serena is a great lodge to stay in. Mara Serena stands at the center stage to one of Africa’s most dramatic wildlife arenas. Get a ringside seat for the ‘greatest wildlife show on earth

Mara Serena Hotels Taxi, Shuttle, Minivan Transfers To And From Mara Serena Airstrip

Mara Serena Airstrip Taxi Services Provides Mara Serena Airstrip Shuttle Transfers with professional and highly trained chauffeur drivers. Whether you are traveling alone, with your family, or with a large group, we assure you of the best. Order a taxi for immediate dispatch, or place a reservation. At Mara Serena Airstrip Shuttle we also offer transfers, tours, and safaris all throughout the country.