4*4 Safaris Land Cruiser


The most sophisticated 4*4 Land Cruiser Safari vehicle customised  with capability and strength to get through the Roughton terrain grit. The long version so when you sit back in the seats and stretch your legs you will be treated to an abundance of legroom. Relax with electronically controlled side and rear sunshades in the summer, and heated rear seats in the winter.

The vans are also equipped with a special UHF radio for communication ,wildlife location , safety and a heavy-duty suspension to take you over the densest vegetations and up the hills for breathtaking views. And the vans’ pop-up top brings you 360o vistas clear to the horizon.

Traveling from park to park, you’ll be styling in comfort as the van’s closed design means the wind, dust and weather elements are sealed out. Our guarantee is that you will not be disappointed

We offer:

  • 100% Luxurious Fleet
  • All Our Fleet Are Fully Valeted & Serviced
  • A Safe & Secure Journey
  • Comfortable And Enjoyable
  • Clean, Polite & Knowledgeable
8 Passengers
8 Suitcases

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